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The main thrust of my work as a healing arts practitioner is well-being. Finding solutions to how we might better live our lives.  

Given all the suffering, strife and clamoring for power, we live in curious times to be sure. But although many consider this moment on our planet a crisis, I believe we are living in a very auspicious time ripe with possibility.

Think about where we find roots, or an embryo: Much of Life as we know it…begins in the dark.

One meaningful possibility before us is a transformation in perception. A transformation of how we perceive our world and our place in it. It is a transformation from a separatist point of view, to one that recognizes, and understands through embodied knowing, that everything is interdependent and interconnected. This perception not only radically revisions our most fundamental relationship – how we relate to Life itself – but this nondual perception also allows us to view all of our relationships from a different perspective.

The opportunity before us, individually and as a collective, is to evolve from a dualistic to a non-dualistic way of perceiving, relating with, and Being-in, the world.

By perceiving and living nondualistically we gain clarity on the dynamic aspects of our world. We learn to understand how the parts relate to each other and how the parts relate to the whole. By gaining clarity—the fear, power struggles, and corruption that inhibit our wellness have an opportunity to reverse. We unearth our authentic nature and come into alignment with love, harmony, and joy.

Often people ask, “well, what does this transition look like?” or “how do I make the shift out of duality?” My work aims to bring you possibilities to explore as you navigate a path of transformation and healing.