5th Annual Celtic Conference

Celtic Conference 5th Annual Celtic Conference: A Western Way?

Presented by the International Congress of Irish Studies (ICIS) in collaboration with Foundations of Mind
and California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

Thursday, October 5, 2017
9am – late

Room 304  CIIS • 1453 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Conference presenters include Seán O Nualláin,  Jack du Vall, and

Chris Langan


At 11am I will be presenting a talk on Jung, Yoga and Affective Neuroscience: Towards A Contemporary Science of the Sacred.

ABSTRACT: Scientific materialism and religious fundamentalism obscure our capacities to directly experience the numinous. Also, given the weight of the observable and measurable in orthodox science and a simultaneous dismissal of the subjective, a viable means of reconciling science and religious experience has continued to elude us. As a counter-measure to this obscuration, Jungian-oriented depth psychology has developed as an empirical science of the unconscious, researching both subject and object and offering theories and practices that foster the psychospiritual development of the personality. Given the elevated presence of neuroscience, no psychology, and especially no psychology that supports the soul, will likely survive much longer without finding an alliance with the objective measures of brain science. As Freudian-oriented depth psychology and psychoanalysis has begun to forge a strong relationship with affective neuroscience, so too must our Jungian approach. In the 21rst century, psychologically articulated experiences of the sacred—which are seemingly inner truths defying objective measure—must find a means of languaging the bridge between the transcendent and immanent and aligning with the collective aspects of Reality.