Alignment: Coming into the Power of the Authentic Self

How many of us listen; truly, truly listen to our deepest self?

Or is it more secure and preferable to listen to the culture, to the family beliefs, or to the habit patterns that have taught us how to mask our true self in order to fit in?

A comprehensive list of habit patterns and cultural beliefs would be long, and most likely impossible, and this is only a short post so I will settle on one example of a deeply entrenched way of viewing the world in many industrialized and capital economies. How many of us listen to cultural ideologies that tell us that “busyness” has superior value to peace, joy, and dynamic stillness? How many add to, and build, the “busy is what I need to be!” narrative without ever listening and responding to the song in their hearts or questioning why “busy” became the marker of social status and cool?

Going against what appears in front of our eyes is a challenge not made for the faint of heart, but if we are called to do so, and we respond, it allows us to change the way we experience the world.

How do we know if we are listening to habit patterns and beliefs that are out of alignment with who we truly are? We suffer from anxiety, stress, confusion, and fear. We don’t trust and we often try to manipulate: people, circumstances, or the truth of our actions.

To put it most simply, we are not self expressed: we are automatons, expressing ingrained ideas that we took on so we could fit in.

The process of alignment to the true authentic self is a process of letting go of old habit patterns and beliefs and learning to hear and listen to the subtle internal clues.

To do this, we have to surrender. People hear that word and shudder, thinking it to be passive. But that is actually a misinterpretation of the term. Surrender is active. It is an opening and a turning towards the authentic self.

There is a profound and subtle nature to surrender because everything must be given up. Any level of holding – mentally,iStock_000016163076XXLarge emotionally or physically – must cease. Not only the concept  we hold of ourselves through our titles, jobs or names, but where we are holding on in cellular memory even.

The process of alignment to our true authentic self is deep work, requiring courage and willingness. It can be uncomfortable sometimes to let go of the old and step into the new. For instance, sometimes deep anger and rage surface in respect to places where we gave up our power or our power was taken from us. Likewise shame, guilt, and remorse can surface in respect to the times when we took, or attempted to take, power from another.

Negotiating strong emotions can be challenging. With the right knowledge, motivation and support however, it is possible to do so.

Here are a few of the steps that are necessary to become fully authentically expressed.

  1. Still the thinking mind through meditation.
  2. Get radically honest with yourself.
  3. Cultivate total awareness: Know why you do what you do (and don’t do). At. All. Times.
  4. Open blocked mental, emotional and physical energetic pathways.
  5. Grow your capacity to understand and be with whatever arises: anger, rage, fear, joy, etc.
  6. Speak and act from your heart.

These steps are not a linear progression. They are simultaneous.

Wishing us all a new, contemporary, and global narrative. A Life lived in harmony with our authentic nature.

Much love,



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