Innate or Emergent? Jung, Yoga and the Archetype of the Self

Jungian Society for Scholarly StudiesVersion 2

Conference of Research in Jung and Analytical Psychology
June 27th – 30, 2018
University Place Hotel and Conference Center
Portland, OR

An interdisciplinary gathering of scholars exploring themes and ideas around “emerging” and “emergence” in the context of Jungian and/or post-Jungian ideas and concepts. Conference presenters include Susan Rowland and Elizabeth Nelson.

My presentation
Innate or Emergent? Jung, Yoga and the Archetype of the Self

When comparing the Classical Yoga of Patañjali to Jungian-oriented depth psychology it appears Jung has the ontic and epistemic enmeshed in a way that Patañjali does not. In regards to emergence and the archetype of the Self, this presentation considers the critical discernments theoreticians must make between being and becoming.


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